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Chinese Social Media in Life

2021-05-17 @ 08:00 - 17:00


When you pull out your phone to take a photo, are you planning to share it on social media? Why is it so important that people – most of whom you’ve never met – see the minutiae of your daily life?

“I want people to think about how weird it is that we’re posting pictures of our experiences just for the ‘likes’ and the ‘shares’ – and then getting disappointed if we don’t get enough,” says Tyler Shores, Manager of Cambridge’s ThinkLab Programme.

“These ‘internet points’ can’t be redeemed for anything – other than a self-esteem boost.”

Make time for screen-free time Try to actively create time in your schedule when you are not on any screens or social media, eg. while taking a walk. Creating some quiet time can be a great brain break. Try out a new digital habit or routine Speaking of quiet time, I personally block off mornings as screen-free/social media-free thinking time. The thing about habits is that starting small can lead to big changes: try ten minutes a day, then work your way up from there!

Sometimes, slower is better Emotions and moods can be contagious on social media. When you’re engaging with emotional or contentious content, take a minute (or two, or three) to move from your immediate reaction, to thinking before you reply or share. Out of sight, out of mind Our phones are excellent distraction machines – when you’re working or need to focus, try to get into the habit of keeping your phone in another room with your notifications off. 

Make your bedroom a phone-free area Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our wellbeing; I also strongly recommend reducing screen and social media time before bed.


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